Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Green Glow Board

Green Glow Board PreviewThis board glows green in the dark.

Red Green ColorShift Board

Red/Green ColorShift Board PreviewThis board has a metallic sheen that really changes color depending on the viewing angle.
The letters and designs remain a natural wood color.
This board actually colors shifts about 4 colors. I could only take pictures of 2 of them.

Restless Glow Board

Restless Glow Board PreviewI have one more special addition to add to this board to make it live up to its name.
This one glows green in the dark but is more chaotic.

Taurus Board

Zodiac Eye - Taurus Board Preview
This is a new design that still need its metallic finish to improve contrast.

Misc Boards

Miscellaneous Board Preview
Here is a stained Hallow Board

Zodiac Eye Pisces that still needs the metallic finish
Natural Black Board that has good contrast and a natural wood look
Zodiac Eye Leo Board that still needs its metallic finish

Green Blue ColorShift Board

Green/Blue ColorShift Board PreviewThis board has a metallic sheen that will slightly change colors
depending on the angle it is viewed at.
It almost looks black when viewed at an extremely flat angle

Golden Eye Board

Golden Eye Board PreviewThis is another rendition of one of my most popular designs.

Glowing Eye Board

Glowing Eye Board PreviewThis board glows green in the dark.

Dragon Eye Board

Dragon-Eye Board Preview This was a re-work of a custom design I did last year. I haven't decided on a finish for this yet.

Day of the Dead Bandito Board

Day of the Dead Bandito Board Preview This is another design for the Day of the Dead Series

Day of the Dead Board

Day of the Dead Boards Preview I made these boards to celebrate November 2.

I added a different stain to this one.

Pan Board - Custom

Pan Board (Custom Piece)
This board depicts images of the God Pan and the forest dwelling GreenMan

Crystals & Shells Board

Crystal & Shells Board Preview
This board type is always the most beautiful. It has natural Paua shell inlay and Swarovski crystals. I added additional Birch veneer to the sides of this board.

Large Boards

Large Board Preview
These boards are 20" x 15" I still have to add a metallic rub to help improve contrast.

Here is an unstained version. I'm still haven't decided which finish to apply yet.

Zodiac Eye - Aquarius

Aquarius Board Preview

Blah Blah Black

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spirit Board Preview for Comic-Con

Hi Everyone!
I had to postpone my next board show to get ready for the International Comic-Convention in San Diego, California. It will be held July 26th - 29th and I will be at booth 4714.

I have added some quick pix of my boards which will be at the Comic-Con.

Please note that all these boards are unfinished and in various stages of completion. Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, suggestions.